Sleep Academy was a great, well-organized overall review of sleep medicine. The portion on central sleep apnea was extremely helpful, especially the explanation of plant gain versus controller gain which helped deepen my understanding of this concept. The last module on medications was also especially helpful. Teasing out the different classes of medications helped me to better organize and remember the different classes of drugs available for sedation and wakefulness. I look forward to reviewing these slides again. A must for newcomers in this field. On completion of Sleep Academy, I enrolled in Pulmonary Academy and am looking forward to that course!

Gail Hefter DNP, CRNP
Johns Hopkins Sleep Disorders Center
Baltimore, Maryland

As I moved in to my role as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner, I was trying to read so many books about sleep medicine as I was nearly new to this specialty. I was searching for websites for improving my knowledge. In the process of my search, I found this website which filled my gap of knowledge and expanded the depth of my understanding. The constructive and detailed presentations of the speaker was engrossing for the brain and enlivening for the heart. These are the topics that we see usually in our clinics and it helped me immeasurably to make my decisions and management plan. All contents of the topic were relevant, well-explained throughout and at the right pace. I would like to see more about obesity hypoventilation syndrome, narcolepsy and cataplexy. I would suggest all who work with sleep and pulmonary medicine to undertake these modules.

Susan George, Advanced Nurse Practitioner
Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Cambridge, UK

The course was well done, overall. I like the rhythm of having three parts in each section. The first half was much more new information for me, as I do primary care.  I would have liked to see more about devices, and what sleep labs look like as I haven’t seen a lab or a device.

Lorena Monroe, Nurse Practitioner

Speaking from experience in both pulmonary and sleep medicine, I feel this course is a great learning tool for a novice practitioner and a great reference for a seasoned practitioner. It is easy to follow and very applicable in a clinical setting which is what I look for. I highly recommend this to other practitioners!

Deepa Patel, CRNP
Columbus, Ohio

The course is comprehensive, very much applicable to clinical practice and can be completed at your own pace. It allows you to test your knowledge before and after each session. The website is well-designed and easy to navigate. It provides clear and detailed information regarding course content, registration, faculty and includes frequently asked questions.

Patricia Davis
Nurse Practitioner
Bronx, New York

PSA was highly informative and challenging. The speakers were clear and concise in their delivery. Explanations were provided with the post questions explaining all answers. I also like the way the session was broken up.

Karen Viets
Registered Nurse
Saint Augustine, Florida

I am a practicing Emergency Medicine physician in North Carolina and want to improve my knowledge of critical care and pulmonary topics. When I heard about the Pulmonary and Sleep Academy, I knew this would be a great way to do that. And so far through the pulmonary course, it definitely has been! It’s been both a great review of the basic medical school concepts while also introducing and explaining higher level clinical pearls. The presentations are clear and the graphics put some of the complex ideas into nice visual depictions that are way better than any text description could be. The built-in test questions and ability to earn CME are great additions as well. Occasionally the volume of the speaker can vary between slides, but that’s my only criticism! Otherwise, it has been a fantastic educational opportunity and I highly recommend it to any clinical provider who wants to advance his or her knowledge of important pulmonary topics!

Jonathan T. Jaffe, MD
Winston-Salem, NC

The repetition of pretest questions during the post-test is useful in realization of misunderstanding any concepts. The video courses are very lively and helps us to understand the concept better.

Steve Schonfeld, MD
Baltimore, Maryland

The sleep academy session is a great continuing education program to learn or reinforce knowledge in sleep medicine. This program provides in-depth technical information with associated clinical application. I wish that Sleep Academy was around when I started practicing sleep medicine.

Morgan Hughes, Nurse Practitioner
Alpharetta, Georgia

Pulmonary and Sleep Academy is a groundbreaking education tool for any resident interested in solidifying their foundation in pulmonary and sleep medicine as well as expanding their knowledge base into the intricacies of these fields. The format is easy to follow, no matter what level of medicine you’re at. This is a valuable tool for medical students and residents. I highly recommend it to those interested in pulmonary, critical care or anesthesiology. The programs will allow you to develop a comfort level with topics that may be difficult to comprehend.

Justin Gurges, Resident Physician
New York, NY

Excellent refresher course with current information.

Sylvia Silva, Polysomnographic Technologist

I have been a PA for 18 years working in Primary Care, Urgent Care and ER. This course would have been invaluable during my time as a Primary Care Provider. I began started a new position two years ago in pulmonary and sleep medicine with the VA. There was no formal training for this position, I spent hours reading and educating myself on proper evaluation and treatment for sleep issues. This course went beyond my expectations, teaching aspects of sleep medicine that I have immediately incorporated into my daily practice (even before I completed the full course). I cover outpatient and telemedicine for pulmonary and sleep issues, the education from this CME has improved the way I care for patients. I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to improve their knowledge of sleep medicine. I am looking forward to the Pulmonary CME presentation.

Don Williams, Physician Assistant-C
Nolanville, TX

So much information. Dr. Sloane excellent teacher. I will need to go through again to absorb more info. The pathology slides, CXR, and CT scans were helpful.

Amy H., NP, Gretna, NE

Review Very well organized and presented with graphics that help illustrate some of the more complex topics. Very useful information on a practical basis for everyday clinic use.

Desiree N., Nurse Practitioner

I loved this course! I am new to pulmonology and have learned so much from this series. I have recommended it to my colleagues, and at least one of them plans to purchase this course as well.

Stephanie L., PA-C

I have been working in Pulmonology (both inpatient and outpatient) for 2 years now. This presentation covers all the important pulmonary topics. Well organized and presented. A must for any APP starting in Pulmonary Medicine. I wish I would have signed up for this sooner.

Melody S., Nurse Practitioner

Wish I had discovered this program earlier in my career.  Great program for establishing a good foundation of knowledge and understanding of pulmonary physiology and presented in a practical way with nice tips to help you manage patient care.

Laura G., PA-C

I LOVED this course! I am a relatively new pulmonary/sleep PA with a lot to learn and refresh. The sleep and pulmonary courses have been AMAZING! It’s nice to do CME that is actually beneficial. Thank you!

Cara G., PA-C

Great course. Good refresher and learned some new skills. Course well organized if you follow the modules.

Benjamin J., PA-C

Sessions are informative, easy to follow, and with evidence-based guidelines that can be easily incorporated into daily practice of a novice sleep NP/PA. Printouts are very useful for a future reference guide.

Allison Berndt

It is a wonderful learning resource for students who are about to take their CCSH exam.

Zahid S

Very good course. It was a nice refresher and also informative for material not learned prior.

Autumn P, Sleep Technician

This class was very useful for me as a novice to sleep medicine. The course was thorough but not overly complicated. The classes build upon each other which is helpful. The setup of the course helps to retain attention and reinforce understanding by breaking the session into three sections: Fundamentals, Clinical Applications, and Patient Management. I appreciated the expertise of Dr. Bohner. The website is user-friendly and appealing to the eye. The class formatting is great.

Amber W, Nurse Practitioner

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. The course on insomnia was particularly helpful to me because there is not enough information about insomnia in general courses. I will be (and already have been) implementing many things that I have learned into my practice.

Laura D, Family Nurse Practitioner

Organized and thorough summary of sleep medicine. Enjoyed the case studies and quizzes. Would recommend including the correct letter for the post-test review portion.

Thorough and informative presentation of the pulmonary specialty. Enjoyed the case studies and quizzes.

Allison S, CRNP

This was an excellent overview of sleep medicine. As a sleep provider for over nine years, much was a review for me, but I also learned a great deal, and the information that was new was presented in such a manner that it was very easy to understand and translate into clinical application and information that I can convey to my patients as well.

Holly B, Physician Assistant

Overall, I thought this was an excellent course that provided both beginner as well advanced knowledge for clinical practice. I would recommend this course to other providers. I especially liked the specific patient scenarios allowing you to practice what each section was aiming to teach.

Kristin I, Nurse Practitioner

Excellent presentations.  I learned a lot. Very appropriate information.  I would love to have more learning opportunities maybe focused on treatments.

Tammie C., CRNP

Great course as an ENT NP. Information was concisely presented and applicable to clinical practice. I would definitely recommend this course to any medical provider. Concise presentation of information that is useful in clinical practice.


As a new APRN starting a job in the pulmonary office, this was a great foundation. This course has helped me hit the ground running in my career. I hope that you do more courses, specialized in more specific pulmonary topics! Thank you!

Victoria L., APRN

Very informative course. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentations and learned a great deal about pulmonology.

John A., APRN

The lectures were very informative. Some of the series was complicated such as the Pharmacological sessions, but otherwise very detailed and presently in an excellent manner.

Michael D, RPSGT RST

Great general overview of Sleep Medicine!

Nicole A

This course was excellent, very helpful.  Really appreciated the graphics. Would like to see more courses on inpatient ICU (ventilator, BiPAP, ICU management). Pulmonary pharmacology (more in depth and for inpatient).

Deborah C., CRNP 

Excellent course! I expect to go back and watch all the videos and glean even more information as I continue developing my practice. After the staging of lung CA exercises, I saw a note that referenced it and it made total sense in a glance. I appreciate that you have put the effort into producing these videos! Thanks!

Nancy P, Pulmonary Practice, Doctorate Nurse Practitioner

Very thorough program for someone beginning practice in sleep medicine. Very helpful – excellent hand outs.
Tina K, Certified Nurse Practitioner

Overall, I felt this was a great review. I've been a Pulmonary and Sleep NP for 9 years. After taking a little time off, I wanted to refresh my knowledge and also get some CEUs. I felt the Sleep Academy is a wonderful refresher course for experienced providers and an excellent tool for new providers just starting out in the specialty.
Angie B, Advanced Practitioner Registered Nurse

Overall, I thought this was an excellent course that provided both beginner as well advanced knowledge for clinical practice. I would recommend this course to other providers. I especially liked the specific patient scenarios allowing you to practice what each section was aiming to teach. ”
Kristin I, Nurse Practitioner

Amazing material, thorough, case studies made concepts easy to apply. The handouts are extremely helpful. Would recommend to any sleep medicine clinician new to the field! Thanks!!
Kayla L, Georgia, Nurse Practitioner

This course was awesome! I have been in current pulmonary practice for 2 years and this was a great refresher course. I will definitely be completing the course on sleep medicine. Thank you so much for putting this together and sharing your knowledge.
Jerry D, Registered Respiratory Therapist and Physician Assistant